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Portable gas analyzer can control from one to four gases at the same time.

LEADER 041 allows continuous automatic monitoring of toxic gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCS), oxygen and combustible gases in the atmosphere and provides notification of dangerous concentration levels: sound signal, flashing led indicators and built-in vibration signal.


Main functions and features

32-bit low-power microprocessor controller;

High contrast LCD display with real-time gas concentration display;

Simple automatic calibration procedure;

2-urovnevaja triple alarms (visual, audible, vibrating);

Simultaneous and continuous display of gas concentration in the corresponding units;

Alarm of low, high, weighted average time gas concentration (TWA), short-term exposure limit (STEL) for toxic gases;

Memory for events (150,000 records) with the ability to transfer data via USB-cable to a personal computer;

Indication of low battery power;

Stainless steel alligator clip;

The device is equipped with a periodically flashing green light beacon, indicating that the device is turned on, is in working condition and the environment complies with safety standards.


Detected gases

  • Flammable gases% NKPR
  • Toxic gases (CO and H2S) mg / m3
  • Oxygen O2% vol.



Catalytic: combustible gases

Electrochemical: toxic gases, O2

Photoionization: LOS

Optical (infrared): CO2


Detection method

Free diffusion or gas injection using an external micropump


Measuring range

  • Combustible gases (CH4 C3H8 C6H14 H2): 0 - 100 % LEL

    LOS: 0 - 4000 mg/m3

    H2: 0 - 100 mg/m3

    H2S: 0 - 100 mg/m3

    FROM: 0 - 1000 mg/m3

    FROM: 0 - 2000 mg/m3

    NH3: 0 - 100 mg/m3

    SO2: 0 - 100 mg/m3

    NO: 0-100 mg / m3

    NO2: 0-100 mg / m3

    HCl: 0-30 mg / m3

    HCN: 0 - 100 mg/m3

    HF: 0 - 10 mg/m3

    CH3OH: 0-100 mg / m3

    PH3: 0-30 mg / m3

    COCl2: 0-20 mg / m3

    C2H3Cl: 0 - 200 mg/m3

    O2: 0-30% vol.

    CO2: 0-5% vol.


terms of Use       

Temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 55 ° C Relative humidity: ≤95%, without dew



3.6 V post current, lithium-ion battery, 2200 mAh

Continuous working time

20 hours


Charging time

3 hours


Sensor Life

At least 2 years


Explosion protection marking

0Ex ia sIIC T4 Ga X


The degree of protection of the shell according to GOST 14254-96




147 * 76 * 37 mm